Which Short Hairstyle Is Right For You? Get Inspo From The A-List

Which Short Hairstyle Is Right For You? Get Inspo From The A-List
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Short hairstyles have the A-list seal of approval. If you're looking for a restyle, how about a short bob hairstyle, crop or pixie cut? See our edit of the best short hairstyles, hair cuts and hair ideas to help you decide...

Short hairstyles are having a moment. Gone are the times when long hair ruled the red carpet, now it's about short hair cuts on your favourite A-list women.

As proved by some of the coolest women in Hollywood, ditching longer locks and going for that short haircut is the new chic way to update your look. Bonus: it's a great way to get your damaged hair back in baby soft condition.

This season it’s been all about the long bob; coined ‘the lob’, obviously. All of those celebs who you’d never expect to go for short hair – think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth – joined Rose Byrne with the short bob hairstyle look, proving anyone can go for the chop.

Audrey Tautou is still our go-to gal for cropped hair inspo, her pixie cut the perfect match for her elfin features. Would it work for us? Probabably not, but the other options are endless.

Scarlett Johansson is single-handedly bringing the quiff back, while other cool girls like Amber Valetta and Maggie Gyllenhaal prove short short styles don’t have to be androgynous. (Though that’s a good look too.)

Not only is a new season the perfect time to reinvent your hair, your trip to the hairdressers just got even easier with our round-up of the best looks. Short hairstyles, for women, can be a bit daunting but they've got the A-list stamp of approval in a big way. 

The two main worries can be; 1) growing it out and 2) the lack of versatility. Don't let either put you off. Just look to Jennifer Lawrence and Rita Ora for proof that each length is totally workable, and Sienna Miller and Scarlett Johannson for short hair style inspo.

Trust us, beautiful hair doesn't have to mean a long glossy mane anymore. Still not convinced? Check out InStyle's edit of the best celebrity short hairstyles, haircuts and hair ideas and let us change your mind...

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