So What Actually IS Plopping?! Everything You Need To Know About The New Beauty Trend…

So What Actually IS Plopping?! Everything You Need To Know About The New Beauty Trend…

Though it sounds like something you’d read about on Urban Dictionary, it's actually a simple technique for achieving frizz-free curls. Here's how to do it...

Plopping has been around for a couple of years now; transforming the lives of curly-haired people since it came over from America.

What is plopping? It’s a simple technique for creating frizz-free curls, without the use of heat stylers like curling tongs or straighteners. Anyone with curly hair will know getting them to dry in a style which makes it acceptable to leave the house is no mean feat. 

The best thing about plopping is curls are under control without inflicting any heat damage to your hair, which is particularly beneficial as your hair will become increasingly unmanageable with damage.

Plopping gives your curls natural volume while the t-shirt or towel creates definition. We recommend an old cotton t-shirt as the fabric keeps hair cuticles smooth which is ideal for avoiding frizz and static.

How does one ‘plop’, you may ask?

1)   Start by applying your usual products to your damp hair and combing it through.

2)   Flip your curls over your head by bending at the waist.

3)     Wrap your curls from beneath with a t-shirt or towel so it’s covering your entire hair.

(Tip: Lay your t-shirt or towel on a bed or table if you find it easier, and put your curls in the middle.)

4)     Ensure it’s covering your head and grab the ends (the two corners on each side) of the t-shirt or towel and twist as you stand up; the aim being to end up with two wraps either side of your hair containing your compressed curls.

5)   Fix and the bottom of your hair or around the front of your head – whichever is more comfortable and possible with the amount of fabric.

6)   Leave up until dry.

Even if you don’t want to say the word ‘plopping’, it’s definitely worth a try...  

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