Layered Hairstyles

Layered Hairstyles
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Layered hairstyles are the perfect way to add volume and shape and thickness, to your haircut, plus they can also give the illusion of length. Check out these stars for layer inspiration…

Layered hairstyles have fallen off the radar slightly in the last few years, but whether long hair or short, adding layers to your 'do will add volume, shape and thickness, plus they can also give the illusion of length.

Queen of the hair trend, Jennifer Aniston has choppy layers down to a fine art, championing longer styles for over 10 years. Proving you can work layers into almost every cut, Jen has sported them in an array of hairstyles from her iconic '90s Rachel haircut to her more current long bob.

For longer hairstyles, take notes from Penelope Cruz and Gisele who opt for graduated layers, starting at cheekbone level which break up the length and add extra volume. Face-framing layers suit every face shape and look super chic when hair is swept back into ponytails or topknots.

Anne Hathaway shows that choppy lengths aren't just for long hairstyles by adding extra body and shape to her pixie crop, as well as achieving a more textured look.

For effortlessly sexy layers, think Sienna Miller's bouncy beach-look hair and Jessica Alba's new mid-length cut. Just ask your hairdresser to cut long lengths below your jaw-line and graduate all the way around throughout the tips.

Check out these stars for layer inspiration…

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