Hair Updos: The Easy-To-Copy Styles From The Red Carpet

Hair Updos: The Easy-To-Copy Styles From The Red Carpet
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Hair updos are at the top of our list for parties, weddings and even to tackle grubby locks. We've rounded up the very best red carpet celebrity updos, for long and short hair, to inspire your next look...

Updos can be the answer to all types of hair 'mares. Whether you have grubby hair (and you want to snooze in the morning instead of get up and wash it), it's raining, or if you just fancy an easy hairstyle change, a hair updo can be the perfect solution for work, parties or even just chilling out at home.

Whatever the occasion, let our pick of the best celebrity hair updos inspire you. From hairstyles for long hair to wedding hairsyles, we've found some of the very best updos out there.

Updos for short hair always seem like the most challenging; definitely more so than updos for shoulder length and medium hair, even though it's only slightly longer. Diane Kruger and Jessica Alba have been proving that a bob hairstyle is anything but limiting when it comes to updos, sweeping and curling their hair back into a variety of cool red carpet styles.

For simple but effective updo ideas, take notes from Emma Watson, Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger, who have been giving us lessons in high-impact easy updos that don’t require much time or effort. There's short hair updos too for all of you who have gone for the most talked about cut of the year: the lob.

Don't worry if the idea of styling your own hair, let alone into a fancy updo, gets you in a flap. We've found styles that will work for you, even as a wedding hair updo, so you don't need to find the time (or money) for a trip to the salon. Either get your practice in in front of the mirror or, if you prefer, take a picture to your stylist and let them recreate the look. 

Though awards season is where we get the most celebrity updo inspiration, don’t feel like they need to be saved for smart occasions. Though timelessly glam styles, which Natalie Portman so often gets right, are best saved for parties, the more modern looks like high ponytails and messy buns are perfect for day-to-day wear.

Get new updo inspiration from our favourite celebrity looks...

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