Green Hair: The Radioactive Hair Trend That’s Catching On Quick

Green Hair: The Radioactive Hair Trend That’s Catching On Quick

Hair trends have officially gone radioactive, and the shade du jour for 2016 is….green. Is the grass really greener on the other side?

Green hair is in – it’s official, and it's now got the Ruby Rose seal of approval. Our eternal girl crush dyed her locks sea green in February, and documented the whole thing on Instagram. Surprise surprise, she still looks amazing. 


Tennis star Serena Williams has been the latest celeb to embrace the green, celebrating her mermaid-style locks via Instagram. Needless to say, she looks fierce. 


Even a Kardashian has given this look a go - Kylie Jenner unveiled her grass-green hair shade in LA after the sell-out success of her lip-kit, and it's definitely a look. Kylie has tried out various shades of mint, aqua and sea blue in the past using her hugely popular clip-in extensions, and she's not the first to go green.

Nicki Minaj has rocked multiple green wigs in her time, as has Lady Gaga, who adopted an under-the-sea inspired aqua look for an show appearance. The list goes on with, Lena Dunham’s green rinse and Katy Perry’s cartoon bright shade. Even Lauren Conrad has had a go at green, and that’s saying something.

It's not just the ladies who are attracted to the mossy shade, either. After Jared Leto chopped off his luscious locks to play The Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad series, he went from brunette to bleach blonde to bright green (and we mean BRIGHT) in the space of a few weeks. He's now sporting neon pink locks. Since then, Rita Ora’s ex-boyfriend Ricky Hilfiger (yes, son of Tommy) also dyed his hair deeper and deeper shades of slime, while Zayn Malik’s hair transformation ended up as a moss-green buzzcut, before going grey. Now this is one celebrity hair trend we never thought we’d see.

What’s going on here?! Green hair hasn’t been this popular since 1980s punk, and we’re not sure why it’s coming back now. Think of the roots, the pre-bleaching, the constant colour clash with your favourite red checked shirt. We can't even think about the dye destroying every towel and pillowcase in the house.

But should we have seen it coming? The signs were there - we've definitely been getting a lot more experimental with our locks lately. Half shaved, bleached, rainbow dip-dyed and the Insta-ready trend for glitter partings have come a long way since the classic bob. But can we see green going the distance as the next big trend? We’ll wait and see if the dye comes back out when the shade fades.

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