How To Get Kate Bosworth's Amazing Unicorn Braid

How To Get Kate Bosworth's Amazing Unicorn Braid

Beauty writer George Driver got on the case to show you how in five simple steps. Festival hair, sorted!

Reminding us exactly why she's the queen of festival chic, Kate Bosworth rocked Coachella (and the internet) when she stepped out with the best braid we've seen since Elsa from Frozen. A delicate centre-parted braid and a relaxed half up, half down 'do, we couldn't wait to get our hands on this one.

Dreamed up by celeb hairstylist Bridget Brager, Kate had a little help, but if, like us, you don't have a pro to hand, just check out our five step guide to getting the perfect Bosworth braid. Instagram-worthy festival hair here we come!

Step 1

The best thing about braids? There's no need for super clean hair. In fact, two day old hair has more texture and will help the braid stay in longer. Brilliant! Help it along even more by spraying dry shampoo through the roots. Batiste's Original Dry Shampoo is the first, and the best.

Step 2

Brush through the lengths of you hair and create a centre parting. Take a section of hair about the width of the bridge of your nose from your forehead back to your crown, and separate it from the rest of your hair. If it looks a little like a sad mohawk you're on the right track. This will form the braid that will go down the centre of your parting. To avoid incorporating more hair, and make it easier to see what you're doing, tie the rest back in a low ponytail. This will be taken out later.

Step 3

This is the slightly tricky bit. You want to create a corn row, or tiny french plait, down the centre of your head. Working opposite a mirror, tip your head forward so you can see right back to your crown. Pick up your mohawk and take a small section from the back near your crown. Start plaiting this working your way forward towards your forehead and as you go, incorporate strands of hair until you reach the front of your parting. Try to keep the braid as tight as possible as this will have a neater finish.  There will be hair left over at the end. Don't panic! Just trust in the Bosworth. 

Step 4

Part the remaining hair into two strands and pull back against your hair line. Scoop the two pieces with some additional hair into a half up, half down knot, and tie. Invisibobble's super stretchy and snag-free bands are great for all hair styles and come in loads of colours, perfect for festival season.

Step 5

Secure the braid with a kirby grip pushed into the length of the plait so it can't be seen and finish with hairspray to set in place. Et voila! A festival braid even Kate would be proud of.

By George Driver

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