Fringes: Get Inspired By The Best Celebrity Bangs

Fringes: Get Inspired By The Best Celebrity Bangs
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Fringes are a great way to update your look, but don't rush into it without thinking about which style will suit you and your lifestyle. From block fringes to cropped short fringes, we're loving fringe hairstyles and so are these celebrities...

A new fringe is one easy way to update your look. When you don't fancy a full-on chop, but you're bored of your hair, a short fringe or long fringe could be the thing to get you out of your hair rut.

But, it’s not something to rush in to. While a temporary hair colour can wash out, you’ll be growing out a fringe (even a sweeping shape-around-the-face style) for a while so think properly about which style will suit you. Do you fancy a chunky block fringe like Rihanna and Emma Stone, or is a cropped Lily Collins-style more you? How about a side fringe like Kerry Washington, or, our personal favourite right now, the parted-in-the-middle fringe worn by Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe?

Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson have both gone for a chic bookish look with a just-above-the-brows chunky fringe, and we rate them.

If you’re not 100%, try a faux fringe (a Kylie Jenner favourite) to get an idea of what you’ll look like. Clip-on fringes aren’t as ridiculous as they sound — they’re actually quite realistic now and it’ll avoid any post-cut shock. Alternatively, you can do a Kendall and work a faux fringe out of your hair tips — just tie it up into a bun, and let the length fall across your face. Google her American Music Awards look for inspiration.

There are so many different fringe options for 2016 that we've created the InStyle Edit, a round-up of all our favourite celebrity hairstyles with fringes, to make choosing one for you a bit easier.

Take a look at our edit of the best celebrity fringes for instant inspiration and then weigh up which style is best for your face shape. Remember, when you’re thinking about a length, it will get shorter when it’s dry so factor this in when asking the hairdresser what you’d like.

If you're dubious about getting all fringe-y, why not use our Hollywood Makeover tool to try on your most loved celeb looks?

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