Leading Lady Hair: Why Does Curly ALWAYS Mean Crazy?

Leading Lady Hair: Why Does Curly ALWAYS Mean Crazy?

Blonde and straight isn’t the ONLY way to kick ass on the silver screen

Hollywood’s leading ladies are already under a LOT of pressure when it comes to looking juuuuust right for the big screen (job requirements: slim, toned and busty), but we thought by 2016 producers would have stopped asking actresses to go blonde for their parts. Turns out, it still happens! Pause for eye roll.

Sarah Paulson (aka Marcia Clark in American Crime Story) just opened up to the Hollywood Reporter about the fact she’s still asked to dye her naturally brunette hair blonde for romantic leading roles; ‘I don’t mind it, I like the blonde. But to be told that in order to be considered a romantic lady opposite some hunky guy, I need to have long blonde hair? It does do something to your brain’.

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Hear, hear! We can think of plenty of darker haired romantic leads who didn’t need to be blonde to do their job; Rose in Titanic, Allie in The Notebook, even Vivian in Pretty Woman, who took off her blonde wig to be more ‘emotionally intimate’ with Richard Gere. I can’t even think what it must be like for women with natural afro hair in film, but I’m guessing a weave or relaxer is heavily encouraged… 

Sarah’s comments got us thinking – what’s with all the straight hair, too?! Women in film always mark that pivotal plot point where they ‘get their lives together’ with a good old hair straighten. Think Carrie in Sex And The City (the movie) when she gets dumped by Big and goes brunette or Meg Ryan in The Women (a personal fave film) when she decided to start up her fashion business again. Then there’s Andie in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days – she loosens up, her hair gets wavy.

It works the other way round, too. Remember The Witches? The crazier they get, the curlier they get. And when Claire Dearing dropped her uber-professional front in Jurassic World? She kicked off her heels – and almost immediately got curly hair. 

What’s the deal?! As a curly girl myself, I think I can be super serious when I need to be - WITH my waves. Film needs to stop telling girls that curls mean crazy, and that blonde is the only shade that’s babin’.

People, stop telling women what to wear! From this weather reporter being told to put on a cardigan to a woman being sent home from work for wearing flats (yes, in 2016), feminism in fashion needs to take a big step forward.


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