38 Curly Girl Problems Straight-Haired Babes Will NEVER Understand

38 Curly Girl Problems Straight-Haired Babes Will NEVER Understand

Curly hair isn’t the free-spirited style it seems like, you know

Curly hair: looks great, is (most of the time) an absolute nightmare to manage. And here's why...

1. You have a set haircare routine that’s been honed over many, many years

2. NOTHING will get you to deviate from it

3. You know exactly which products are best for your curls

4. And the precise measurements of how much to use

5. Even though they cost ££££££

6. And get used up in about a week

7. We’ve all felt the crunchy texture of too much mousse, right?

8. Hairdryers? Only if you want to look like a poodle

9. So it’s wet hair on your commute all the way

10. Sometimes, it takes all day to dry

11. And you might even have to ‘be that girl’ and stay in specifically to wash you hair

12. When people ask if you have a hairbrush...

13. Your relationship with your Tangle Teezer is the stuff of great romances

14. Salt spray? Please

15. All hair tutorials ever are for straight haired ladies

16. And don’t try and pretend this perfectly tonged model is naturally wavy

17. People are endlessly fascinated by the fact you can put your hair in a bun without a hairband

18. Although there’s probably a small army of grips lost in your locks

19. Wind is not your friend

20. Neither is rain

21. As for humidity?

22. Frizz is a daily battle

23. You always have a good hair day when you’re home alone binging on Netflix

24. Second-day hair is NOT chic for curly girls

25. Hats? Helmets? Just no

26. The eternal fear of your hairdresser cutting your hair when it’s wet

27. Fringes are a challenge…

28. The squint you do scanning shampoo ingredients for sulphates…

29. Having an identity crisis every time you’ve got a big event coming up; should you straighten your hair? Does that mean you’re denying your wavy roots? Ahhhhh

30. It’s a terrible, terrible feeling straightening your hair and not being able to turn back when you get bored halfway through

31. If someone compliments your straight hair, does that mean they hate your curly hair?

32. The awkward moment when your hair gets hooked on someone’s bag, button or bracelet…

33. Nobody ACTUALLY looks like they do in the adverts. Please know that

34. And don’t try to run your fingers through it, either

35. You tend to resemble the ‘before’ hairdo in makeovers

36. And why does curly hair in films always equal crazy?

37. Curly hair just has a mind of its own

38. But luckily, all your curly haired sisters are here to feel your pain


We can't EVEN with the struggles mixed-race and afro haired gals go through. We spoke to top afro hairstylists for his tips and tricks on how to handle natural afro hair, as well as mixed-race model Sabina Karlsson on her favourite afro hair products.

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