Bronde Hair: Why It's This Summer's Hottest Hue

Bronde Hair: Why It's This Summer's Hottest Hue

From Jennifer Lopez to Blake Lively, everyone's loving bronde hair. Here's everything you need to know about this summer's hottest trend...

Bronde hair is one pretty unexpected hair trend. Having been around for ages, the hue (which is between blonde and brown) has just got its own name.

Pioneered by Jennifer Lopez, who fronted the L’Oreal campaign, ‘bronde’ is the name for that hair colour which isn’t blonde or brown, it’s in between. Or, as L’Oreal’s tagline spells out: ‘I’m not a blonde, I’m not a brunette, I’m a bronde’.

Though we realise now, some celebs have been bronde all along (think Elle McPherson, Chrissy Teigen and Sofia Vergara), it was Blake Lively who really got people talking. Debuting her new bronde locks on Instagram, the actress got people taking note of the natural blonde brown hybrid in a big way.

...Brondes have more fun #NoTypos-IKnowIThinkItsCrazyToo

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(‘Brondes have more fun’, ey Blake?)

After a whole host of out-there hair trends, from rainbow to ‘granny grey’, it’s one of the more natural options – and one that’s actually tempting us for summer.

One of the best things about bronde hair is it complements most skin tones. While blonde can wash out pale complexions and look too stark on darker skins, the natural tones at the bronde roots warm up and soften the look. The same goes for darker shades; they can look too heavy, but bronde works because it is about a natural base. The multi-tonal finish avoids it looking blocky, and will enhance the glossiness and definition while being low-maintenance. In a nutshell: it’s a good look.

The important thing to remember, if you’re considering a bronde dye, is to explain what you want; is it more blonde, more brown, or is it actually more ombre altogether? Though a stylist shouldn’t go for a colour that doesn’t suit your eye and skin colour, it will avoid any confusion on the blonde-brown scale.

Getting bored of your hair? Whether you’re a dyeing aficionado or want to mix up your natural hue, bronde could be just the colour for you…

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