Blorange Hair Just Happened And We All Got Hair Dye Fomo

Everything you need to know about 2017's newest hair colour hype - Blorange...

Further experiments in blorange thanks @alexbrownsell

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Blorange hair. Sounds a bit ominous, right? Well, someone told me the other day that I had it.  Immediately assuming they'd either sneezed or hit me with a well-delivered, but admittedly niche, insult I'm yet to discover due to being over the age of 15, I responded with a less than socially acceptable ‘Excuuuuuuse me? And also, gesundheit’.

Assuming, as always, that my response wasn’t quite on point, I resorted to a cheeky bit of under the table googling (yes, I'm a professional beauty journalist) to discover what gracious and witty response the past version of me should have made. 

And you know what? Turns out Blorange hair isn’t a newly discovered venereal disease,  and said colleague wasn't really getting all up in my grill (I hear the kids are saying that, too) but actually trying to let me know my chosen hair colour was the latest celeb shade du jour - Blorange.

Giving me my red back - thanks @pauledmonds217 💁#newhairdontcare

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Is it rose gold? Is it red? Or just that sweet spot in between that says, ‘Yes, I'm confident enough in myself to have willingly entered into a life of ginger hair but I'd also like to be perceived as hot in a not so obvious and vaguely hipster way’. Yup, Blorange (or should we say Oranblon? No?)  hair has hit the mainstream.


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Imagined up by rainbow hair’s super cool poster girl and BLEACH London co-founder, Alex Brownsell, Blorange is the merging of Blood Orange (saying two words is SO 2016) and is this year’s rose gold and peach hair overhaul. Don’t even get us started on Ronze.

Ever one to try a hair trend ahead of the masses, Georgia May Jagger showed off her new blood orange ‘do on Instagram last year. Think strawberry blonde with a washed out red tint (or the peach emoji mushed together with the strawberry) and you’ve got Blorange.

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And luckily, it kind of suits everyone. A super pretty way to work orange hair, get all your Blorange inspo below.

Not Another #peach 2016!

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Amber rose by @alishadobson

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Persimmon By @scarlettvalentine #washedoutorange

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Coral Blush By @natashadallura

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Would you dare to blorange?

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