Do You Prefer These Male Celebs As Brunettes Or Bleach Blondes?

Do You Prefer These Male Celebs As Brunettes Or Bleach Blondes?

Do these male celebs look better with natural brunette locks or full-on platinum?

Male celebrities have a long history of bleaching their hair blonde – whether it’s for a film role, an image revamp (Justin Bieber, we’re looking at you) or just for fun (ahem, Jared Leto), we’ve rounded up the best hair transformations for you to judge. Even Orlando Bloom has hit the bottle.

So, do you prefer these A-listers brunette or blonde? Let us know!

Miles Teller
‘Dear Internet, I'm sorry I dyed my hair blonde. I never meant to hurt you’ – if you feel the need to issue an apology for your bleach blonde locks, you know they didn’t go down well… Miles Teller, a natural brunette, dyed his hair in July for a role in a film, but has finally gone back to his roots. Our verdict? Brunette looks better.

Justin Bieber
Bieber? Brunette? It’s been nearly two years since we’ve seen Justin’s natural hair (he debuted blonde tips in December 2014), and has steadily tinted his way to platinum blonde ever since. Our verdict? Ditch the dreadlocks, and we actually don’t mind Bieber as a blonde. 

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Jared Leto
Pink, green, ombre… bleach blonde is probably one of Jared Leto’s most normal hair colours. He want platinum blonde for Paris Fashion Week, and Fight Club, and just for 2010 in general. Our verdict? So into it. We’d love Jared with any hair look.   

James Franco
James went blonde for a film role (he played ex-gay activist Michael Glatze in Michael), debuting his ‘do on Instagram with the caption ‘That Late 90s bleached look’. He also declared ‘I wish I was Ryan Gosling, but I’m just me, oh well’. Our verdict? Stick to the natural look, James.

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Ryan Gosling
Speaking of Ryan Gosling, remember when he looked like this? He’s always had a touch of the is-he-isn’t-he when it comes to the colour of his hair (officially he’s dirty blonde), but he took things to the next level for The Place Beyond The Pines. Our verdict? Leave the bleach alone, Ryan!

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt has been around for a long time now, so it’s not surprising that he’s made his way through some questionable hairstyles. He currently swings between light brunette and ashy blonde, but way back in 1996 he was a lot blonder, and again in 2005. Our verdict? Stick to what you do best, Brad.

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David Beckham
From date-night sarong to dapper dad, David Beckham has always had a go at going blonde. He’s done highlights, tips, a bob, platinum buzzcut and a blonde ponytail, before he went for his current clean-cut quiff. Our verdict? Somehow, he’s always got away with it.    

Bradley Cooper
2001 Bradley Cooper sported beachy blonde locks, but it wasn’t long before he went brunette and stuck with the shade for, well, ever. Our verdict? Brunette is best.  

Justin Timberlake
The one, the only… Justin Timberlake rose to fame as *NSYNC’s ‘noodlehead’, where he used to be seriously blonde (and matching with Britney). But then his true colours started to shine through (brunette – we’re calling it!) Our verdict? Don’t go back to the dye.

Do you agree? Let us know who you think looks better as a blonde below, and tell us who you think should hit the bleach next…

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