Best Travel Straighteners: 10 Tools That’ll Get You Sleek

Best Travel Straighteners: 10 Tools That’ll Get You Sleek
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Travel straighteners are a holiday essential for anyone who loves looking hot (in the good way) on the beach but isn't about to give up that precious suitcase space for that amazing Eres bikini you've been saving up for for the past six months.

We don’t know about you, but when we're beach bound we want to be able to rock just as many styles as we would at home, so all we’re asking is a tool that covers all bases. Be that beachy waves a la Gisele or silky smooth locks like Jen An when she hits Mexico each summer. Oh and you know who’s not invited? Humidity-induced frizz, that’s who.

So if you've found your hair tool of choice for everyday, why do you need a set of travel straighteners too? Well, most hair straighteners are fairly bulky and take up too much of your luggage allowance. That's where travel straighteners come in; they're mini but mighty and come in some pretty fun colours - well it is summer after all. What's more, travel straighteners have come on leaps in recent years and now get to the same temperatures as their bigger siblings, whilst also being extra neat and slimline means they're able to get close into roots and sort out rogue fringes. Also, (and here's the clever part) they're all compatible with international voltages so you won't end up blowing the electrics at your hotel and plunging the whole resort into darkness. You don't have to be jetting off to justify buying a set because there are such things as cordless travel straighteners and ones that plug into your car's cigarette lighter socket - perfect for on-the-go styling.

Put like that, travel straighteners are a summer holiday essential and now you can get them for under a tenner (yes, you read that right, a tenner).

Here's our pick of the ten best....


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