What To Ask For At The Hairdresser's To Get Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's New Hair

What To Ask For At The Hairdresser's To Get Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's New Hair

The model has just debuted our dream 'do, and luckily we've got some tips from her hairstylist George Northwood on how to get it

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley could probably leave her hair unwashed for two months and we'd still want it, such is the gorgeousness of that glossy mane. But now she's had some of the length cut off, and some texture added, we're really smitten with it.

And Rosie isn't the only one who's gone for the chop recently: Kim Kardashian just debuted a lob (aka the long bob, do keep up), and Alexa Chung's chin length choppy 'do is consistently up there as one of our favourites.

So now we know what style we wnat, how do we go about getting a lob as effortlessly voluminous as Rosie's? Celebrity hairstylist George Northwood (who is responsible for both Rosie's and Alexa's hair), says it's all about 'invisible layers'.

'Layering was first designed to remove weight and keep length, however no-one wants to look like Rachel from Friend’s nowadays,' he told us. Soz, Jen but he's right.

'Instead, we slice through the hair to give that modern texture that most girls want – it removes the weight without that staircase effect. The hair appears to be one length but has the texture to make it feel a bit undone.'



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Think you might struggle to explain this all to your hairdresser and be understood? George says the best thing to do is take in a visual reference.

It's best to bring in pictures and references of the type of hair that you like, and also come into the salon wearing your hair the way that you normally do, so that your hairdresser can a feel for your personal style,' he said.

'Also, your hairdresser should find out what your lifestyle is like to ascertain how high or low maintenance you are with your hair.'

Now all you've got to do is book that appointment...

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