WATCH: How To Get Gigi Hadid's Fabulous Faux Bob

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The instantly chic, 2 minute 'do thats perfect for commitment phobes? Yup, the faux bob is here…

Instantly chic, totally wearable and the hottest do' to hit the celeb circuit since the LOB, the bob is the only cut to be seen with this Summer. Gigi Hadid traded in her long locks for the faux-bob at last night's American Music Awards, but she's not the first to go for the chop; everyone from Sienna to J Lo had jumped on the bob bandwagon. It's this season's hottest hairstyle and the easiest way to shake up a hair rut.

But let's face it, getting the chop is no easy decision. If you're anything like us, going for a bi-annual trim is still a little painful, let alone lopping it all off.

So what to do? Enter your short-term solution - the faux bob. Perfect, for all those hair commitment phobes out there, the faux bob is super simple, takes two minutes and best of all? You can keep your lovely long locks. Ideal!

L'Oreal's UK ambassador and fashion week hair maestro Syd Hayes shows you how…

Step 1

Dry hair thoroughly, what we want is bone dry hair for this style. Brush through to get rid of any knots or tangles.

Step 2

Grab a hair donut and cut it so it stretches out into a sausage. Tuck this under hair and carefully roll up into the nape of the neck next to the hair line.

Step 3

The rolled up hair should resemble a curved under bob. Secure the sausage in place with a long hair pin by placing it through the bottom and then bringing it back up through the base of the hair to hide the pins underneath.

Step 4

You've now got your basic bob shape. You don't want it to look too perfect so pull pieces of hair out around the face to make it more modern,

Step 5

Style the bob by using curling tongs on the pieces of pulled out hair to create a few soft waves around the face. If you've got a slightly rounder face, you want to create a more triangular shape bob. You can always tuck one side behind your ear to change the shape of the bob depending on what suits you.

Step 6

Take on this season's runway trends by sliding in a hair barrette or adding two silver kirby grips to the side of the bob and leaving them on show.

Step 7

Use hairspray to set the look and pull a few more pieces of hair out so the shape looks natural and effortless.

Et voila! Your no commitment, super chic evening look in two minutes.

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