VIDEO: Leighton Meester talks hair and beauty secrets!

VIDEO: Leighton Meester talks hair and beauty secrets!
Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences' ambassador Leighton Meester talks exclusively to InStyle about her fave beauty products and how she stays looking good

With a jetset lifestyle promoting Herbal Essences, it's a wonder Ms Meester stays looking so fresh-faced. InStyle sat down with Leighton to quiz her on all things beauty and find out if she has any secrets from her fellow Gossip Girls...

Firstly, we found wanted to know how she keeps those locks looking so glossy. While she did reveal that she's lucky enough to have her hair stylist living in her building, there's one trick up her sleeve we can all try: 'I use tons of masque in the shower in the morning (by Herbal Esssences), and the Beautiful Ends line which is very protecting and hydrating.'

In terms of make-up tips Leighton said she's a total minimalist and just likes to make an impact with one key product at a time for special events.

At the moment her beauty crush is a Tom Ford lipstick in brilliant pink,'It gives the illusion that I'm wearing a lot more make-up than I am, which is always good.'

Finally, we asked her to tell us the powder room beauty gossip from the Gossip Girl studios. 'It's totally a hair show - all the girls have long hair. No one uses extensions or clip-ins any more, but when we first started we did a lot,' she revealed. She also added that the ladies love to share New York beauty gems they have discovered, like favourite facialists and dermatologists.

For all of Leighton's tips watch the video below...

By Hayley Spencer
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