Victoria Beckham gets a new hairstyle

Victoria Beckham gets a new hairstyle

Victoria Beckham reveals a sleek new hairstyle on a dinner date with designer BFF Marc Jacobs.

What is it with Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs? Not only does her designer BFF manage to get the lady of cool posing in a box (you remember the self-deprecating ad campaigns, right?), he also inspires Vicki to go for full-on hair transformations. Back in September 2008 Victoria wowed onlookers at the Marc Jacobs S/S 09 fashion show as she revealed a new hairstyle: the gamine crop. Gone were the WAG tresses in favour of a super-chic hairdo that channelled Audrey Hepburn. So, on Saturday evening when Victoria stepped out for a dinner date with Jacobs it was no surprise to see a new hairstyle in tow.

Victoria accessorised a sleek, silk Briseux panel-stitched dress from her own collection with a tight up-do. The thick, severe bun was an obvious sign that Victoria was wearing a hair-piece, suggesting that she is bored of her short locks (we've all been there, growing out short hair can be frustrating) Could extensions be on the cards again?

We can't help but love Victoria's constant dedication to fashion, transforming herself, experimenting and all-in-all having fun with style - after all, that's what it's all about really.

By Kat Webster


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