The Natural Afro Hair Products Model Sabina Karlsson LOVES

The Natural Afro Hair Products Model Sabina Karlsson LOVES

Sabina Karlsson talks the products she loves for her natural afro hair, and why she stays away from the straighteners

When Sabina Karlsson talks afro haircare, we listen. The curve model (and Instagram sensation) has a mane to die for, and it turns out the upkeep is easier than you think.

We asked Sabina to spill on her go-to haircare products, and that one time she went blonde…

First of all, your hair is gorgeous! Is it completely natural?
Yes, it is!

Is it easy to manage?
My hair is, knock on wood, really easy to handle. Because it’s 50/50 [Sabina is half Swedish and half Gambian], it’s not quite an afro texture, it’s a mix. It’s still soft enough that it doesn’t tangle instantly. I comb it out twice a week.

What products do you use on it?
I put tonnes of conditioner in my hair. I like DevaCurl, it’s got no sulfates, no parabens, it’s just perfect for my hair. I also like Oribe, and other products with nurturing oils. I make sure that it’s simple stuff, but really good and natural. And then I use a Moroccon Oil hair mask, which I leave in. Whatever I put in my hair, I just leave it in and never rinse it out.

Not even in the morning?
Every morning when I shower I rinse my hair, and then put in all the conditioners, masks and oils, and then I just leave it. My hair is so dry that it needs that moisture and protection throughout the day.

How do you dry your hair?
I just leave it to air-dry. Sometimes, if I’m in a hurry, I will blowdry it a little bit, but nothing too crazy, otherwise it will get frizzy.   

Have you ever changed your hair?
I’ve never relaxed it, and I only dyed it once. Just a few pieces when it was trendy – I was like 10 years old, and all my friends has little blonde pieces in their hair. I wanted that look too, but that’s it.

Do you ever straighten your hair?
Not too often, it really damages the hair. Only for jobs, and I only get that done at the salon. I never do it myself. It takes about an hour and a half, to blow dry it and then go over it with a flat iron.

That's it, we're going natural from now on! Don't forget to catch up on why Sabina hates the term plus-size model, and take afro inspo from Lupita Nyong'o's hair history. 

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