Rihanna shows off quirky new hairstyle

Rihanna shows off quirky new hairstyle
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Rihanna has been spotted out and about this week, rocking yet another distinctive hairdo that arguably only this daring darling could pull off.

Love it or hate it you can never fail to sit up and notice Rihanna’s ever-changing coiff and her latest look is certainly no exception.

Rihanna revealed her blonde, swept back, under-cut style at the weekend while partying at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Halloween party in New York.

She has since been seen sporting the ‘do around LA and while appearing on US TV show Good Morning America.

Over the past year Rihanna has established herself as a true hair chameleon, pulling off looks as diverse and fierce as boyish bowl cuts, asymmetric spikes and pixie crops. 

So what’s your verdict on Rihanna’s new cut? Whatever it is, you gotta love the girl for never being afraid to venture into the realms of individuality.

By Sarah Statman


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