REVEALED: How to get Gwyneth’s hot red carpet hair look

REVEALED: How to get Gwyneth’s hot red carpet hair look

Thanks to Gwyneth’s tips-and-tricks website Goop, we can all get the scoop on how to work our locks into red carpet-ready looks

Never seen with a hair out of place, it’s no wonder Gwyneth has some pretty sought-after experts behind her and now, thanks to her Goop site, we can all learn their secrets.

Hair-happy tricks on how to get that highly coveted poker-straight mane, as well as how to work your locks into the prettily preened braids Gwynny is often seen sporting are revealed by hairstylist-to-the-star’s pals including Alli Webb and Orlando Pita.

Ali’s top tip? ‘Achieving a great blowout actually starts with having super clean hair. So shampooing your hair really well is the first key to success. Use a clarifying shampoo and go easy on the conditioner. And concentrate mostly on the ends.'

There’s also tips galore on haircare and which products you’ll need to get the A-list look.

Log on to Goop and take a peek at Orlando Pita's braiding tutorial so that your celeb hair make-over will only be a few twists and tweaks away!

By Hayley Spencer


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