Reese Witherspoon's fave stylist reveals holiday hair tips

Reese Witherspoon's fave stylist reveals holiday hair tips

As the beach season is upon us, we asked Paul Lebrecque, Reese Witherspoon’s favourite hairdresser, to give us his top tips for keeping hair looking lush through summer…

Behind every gorgeous Hollywood celebrity is one talented hairdresser. We quizzed Reese Witherspoon's main man (apart from Jake Gyllenhaal) to impart his top tips for perfect holiday hair. Follow these top tips for A-list beach hair pronto:

1. Treat hair on the plane

Paul Lebrecque says: “Don’t wash out your conditioner before you fly. This will help your hair retain the much needed moisture that’s lost from an aeroplane’s dry stale air.”

2. Keep hair protected

Paul Lebrecque says: “If you haven’t got a separate hair protector then comb-in your body SPF instead. It’ll stop your scalp and strands from burning!”

3. Save styling for hometime

Paul Lebrecque says: “If you’re going to be under intense sun, save colouring and cutting until you arrive back home.”

4. Control frizz

Paul Lebrecque says: “For a quick fix, smooth a drop of my serum over the mid-to-end lengths of hair and run a flat iron over it. To keep it from frizzing in the first place: avoid brushing, condition every day and keep it away from your face when walking.”

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By Donna Francis


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