The celebrity love affair with hair extensions is definitely still on! Rachel Weisz stepped out onto the Cannes carpet on Sunday with mile-long lengths tumbling down in her strapless emerald green gown.

This fully extended hair trend is glamorous to the max and thankfully it's yards apart from any Barbie-doll image of yesteryear. Stars like Rachel Weisz, Elizabeth Banks and Lily Allen show off (almost) natural lengths for instant makeovers, red carpet appearances and film roles.

InStyle spoke to Lucinda Ellery, the tress-extender to Girls Aloud, while she soaked up the celebrity vibe in Cannes (lucky thing!). She told revealed that back-swinging hair is the hottest look in Cannes right now: "There are lots of great extensions this year because long hair is glamorous. The slicked back pony is everywhere I look but it's hard to do if you have short hair - you can simply do more if your hair is long. The look now is very classy and very natural."

Whatever the reason for Rachel's hair play, it's the look du jour and we wonder who'll be stepping out in shiny new lengths next...


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By Yanar Alkayat