Olivia Palermo reveals bargain hair care buy

Olivia Palermo reveals bargain hair care buy

Find out the secret to Olivia Palermo’s enviably healthy-looking hair

When we’re not admiring her style, we’re lusting after Olivia Palermo’s high-shine locks, but we could be one step closer to achieving those trademark tresses thanks to finding out her bargain hair care buy.


Founder of Electric Hair and hairstylist to Ms Palermo’s Mark Wooley has revealed that the international stylista is a huge fan of the Electric P-4 Preparation Spray, which costs just £15.50.


Asked how he achieves Olivia’s windswept waves, Mark suggests: “The key to perfecting this shine is to get the hair as smooth as possible. Light bounces off smooth and even surfaces and this applies to the hair cuticle too, so apply a lightweight prep product like Electric P-4 Preparation Spray £15.50 through damp hair and make sure you coat every strand from root to tip. Preparing the hair like this ensures that you only use the essentials to get the look you're after as layering products will only create a heavy and greasy build-up.”

That’s our weekend beauty buy sorted, then.

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