Louise Galvin's hair miracle

Louise Galvin's hair miracle
Louise Galvin

Louise Galvin was shining her green halo long before it was even a trend. Now her carbon neutral range is available for all...

Sitting in her father's glamorous salon in the heart of central London, Louise Galvin talks about the trials and tribulations of launching a hair care brand that doesn't include the usual silicones, petrochemicals, polymers an PEGs. She's been tending to the tresses of Sophie Dahl and Patsy Kensit for years and comes from the infamous Galvin hairdressing family, so she knows what's good for hair and what's not.

"Products loaded with silicones and plasticisers just cause build-up on hair and eventually coat it with a layer of gunk which is what makes it look dull. You don't get that when you use cleaner products," says Galvin.

The range is far off any hippy-happy green image you might imagine, with edgy and sophisticated black and white packaging. It's also free of sodium laureth sulfate, which can be irritating to sensitive skins, and parabens, which are artificial preservatives - instead she uses grape seed oil. Other natural additions include vegetable and soy proteins and honey extracts, all used for their conditioning and repairing qualities.

Galvin was quick with her eco-eye, becoming the first UK beauty company to go carbon neutral when she launched her original (and more premium range) Sacred Locks, in 2003. This second range is more mass-market so contains smaller quantities of essential oils but boasts the same chemical-free benefits and carbon-neutral concept.

Natural Locks Shampoo and Conditioiner, £7.95 each; Natural Locks Deep Conditioning Treatment, £9.95, available to buy from Tesco, Waitrose and online at louisegalvin.com

By Yanar Alkayat

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