Lindsay Lohan hits the bottle (of bleach)

Lindsay Lohan hits the bottle (of bleach)
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Lindsay Lohan's latest hairstyle? She's gone blonde with hair extensions and all!

She's been a brunette, redhead and now Lindsay Lohan's hit the bottle and gone blonde - but will she have more fun?

We can’t keep up with this colour chameleon. One minute Lindsay Lohan is brunette, the next she’s a redhead and now she’s gone full-on platinum blonde, hair extensions and all. 

The paps were chomping at the bit to get a snap of the starlet as she had her foils done in the Byron and Tracey Hair Salon in Beverly Hills (every A-lister from Kate Beckinsale to Jennifer Lopez goes here) and there was a fury of frenzy as she left. 

What colour’s next, Lindsay? Maybe you'll take a leaf out of Lily Allen’s book and go pink? We would pay to see that one! 

By Alice Ripman


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