Kruger's heavenly Cannes Hair

Kruger's heavenly Cannes Hair
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Diane Kruger is our year-round style envy and keeps ticking those hair trends quicker than we can say runway to red carpet...

From the moment the Inglorious Basterds star landed in Cannes her hair and make-up have been on our beauty radar - and there's been no disappointment yet as hair maestro, Adam Reed, has taken Diane from one trend to the next like a walk in the park.

Textured braiding has been the look of the week, he says, which started with an understated French plait (worn aptly with Chanel attire) and moved to a very on-trend skewed side braid that winked to spring runways, all dishevelled and chunky and full of romance.

"Diane can look really classic so we tried to keep her hair modern using old school looks and modernising them with texture," says Reed who regularly tends to Kruger's hair. The super-stylist knows the trends and knows the star's hair so adds his own quirks such as the double French plait climbing down into a big braid yesterday, which we totally loved.

The red carpet hair-win for the Chanel model was a beautiful, Grecian-goddess bun all soft and whimsical and thrown to the side, reminiscent of the side-swept buns on the Marni catwalks. Reed says 40s glamour was his inspiration but he "packed the hair with dry shampoo so it was full of softness. I then backcombed the whole head and criss-crossed three sections into a loose bun and wrapped the hair over and around itself. I didn't want it look tight, only soft with a natural movement."

His toolbox treasures included host of Shu Uemura Art of Hair products and said he's got through a ton of Sheer Lacquer hairspray. Our breath is held for the next installment of Kruger-hair heaven...


By Yanar Alkayat

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