This Is The Secret To Kate Middleton's Perfect Hair

This Is The Secret To Kate Middleton's Perfect Hair

Kate Middleton’s hair always looks perfect – and now we know why

Fact: Kate Middleton always has perfect hair. From classic, voluminous blowouts to polished twisted updos, no hair is ever out of place. While we’ve always credited Middleton’s flawless styles to her being a Duchess, surprisingly Middleton’s hair hack for keeping her intricate updos in place all day can be found in restaurants and high school cafeterias everywhere. The Royal turns to a hairnet to hold her fragile updos in place throughout the day.

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On Tuesday in the Netherlands during her first solo trip abroad as a Royal, Middleton wore her hair in a twisted, low chignon that was held together throughout her tour with a hairnet. However, this isn’t your average hairnet. The netting on Middleton’s is noticeably thinner than the average hairpiece worn by food service employees, so it almost goes undetected. The discreet trick is a simple way to ensure any fragile hairstyle stays in place without resorting to spraying it with a whole can of hairspray and hoping for the best.

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File Middleton’s genius hack to our growing list of reasons she’s our #HairGoals.

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