Introducing super hair stylist Mark Woolley

Introducing super hair stylist Mark Woolley

Sienna Miller noticed his talent and so has InStyle. Introducing super hairstylist Mark Woolley - our new favourite snipper

I’ve finally found The One. After years of being a salon slut due my long-term hairdresser leaving town, a friend recommended I go to chic boutique salon, Electric, in Marylebone London for a hair makeover with salon owner Mark Woolley.  Three relaxing hours later I emerged with the hair colour and cut I actually wanted.  And a new favourite hairstylist. (Sienna Miller is also a fan of Mark’s talents – he cut her friend’s hair while she was on a photo shoot and Ms Miller liked it so much she asked him to cut her hair then and there too.)

What’s his secret? “It’s about being a good listener,” says down-to-earth Northerner Mark - and  I can vouch for that. He really took on board all the pictures I showed him and we spent ages discussing my ‘do before he so much as waved his scissors anywhere near it.  
And, most importantly, he didn’t make me feel stupid or unrealistic. (My previous picture showing-and-telling experiences in some other shall-remain-nameless salons often involved a lot of dismissive tutting and being told “you can’t do that with your hair”.)
Plus, Electric offers what Mark refers to as a “ bespoke service” – the same person who cuts your hair also colours it.  Which makes the whole experience more personal and individual. Like all top hairstylists, Mark is also totally on top of current hair and fashion trends.  So what’s the colour we should be adopting for Autumn/Winter? “Instead of warm shades, the rich tones are going to be big. Think bitter chocolate rather than chestnut,” he advises.
How about cuts? “I’m really liking the glam, sophisticated 50s influence that’s coming through,” he admits. “The easiest way to do that is to get your fringe cut a little bit shorter like Katy Perry. But if you’re after that long, shaggy Alexa Chung-style bob, going forward that will be worn in a more polished way . And the big hair look made popular by Cheryl Cole will be more luxe and sleek this winter.”
If you’re into the pixie-style crop that A-list Hollywood has gone bonkers for (from Carey Mulligan to Emma Watson and InStyle fave Ginnifer Goodwin then Mark reckons he can do a flattering crop on anyone. “I would cater it to the person’s face shape – some people might need or want more hair around the back or sides – so I’d do it to suit.”
The good news is, that you don’t have to live in London to enjoy Electric’s services. Mark also owns salons in Brighton and Reading. And Electric’s own range of high-end hair products will be out before the end of this year (the first drop should be in Harvey Nichols before Christmas, just in time for the party season, hurrah!).
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By Danielle Hine

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