These Wedding Hairstyles Literally Suit Everyone

It's terrifying enough getting married, planning a wedding, choosing the dress, appeasing the bridesmaids. Seriously we know how you're feeling. But this pretty, boho, just-cool-enough wedding hair look might make you feel better. We certainly think so.

‘What are you going to do with your hair?’ After choosing your wedding dress, this is the next big, scary question for every bride-to-be. One of my friends went to at least 10 different hairdressers to trial different looks before she found a style that she really fell in love with.  I know so many brides who’ve Pintrested endlessly into the night trying to find the ultimate look. These days there are so many places to get inspiration from it can become totally overwhelming. Right now, the big bridal hair trend is a more relaxed, boho look. Think Poppy Delevingne’s 70’s tousled waves for the Moroccan leg of her wedding, or Kate Moss in her peacock print dress and effortless long locks.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do before you start anything at all is see what suits your face at home in front of the mirror. It saves time and, more importantly, money and gives you something to go on, even if you do bring in the help of a professional afterwards.

Get your hair ready for the big day by using the right shampoo for your hair type – this quiz does all the hard work for you!

We got celebrity hairstylist Andrea Lewis to give a step-by-step guide to beautiful, boho bridal braids for both hair down and hair up.

Firstly, the beachy waves...

1. Section your hair and add setting spray as you go across the layer to prep the hair. 

We used: Bumble and Bumble setting spray, £22

2. Tong each section with a medium barrel tong, going in alternate directions for every new section. 

3. Once the curls have cooled, shake them out with your fingers to separate. DON’T brush them as they will frizz like crazy.

4. Part the hair in the centre and start on one side. Take 3 small pieces of hair to start the french plait at the front of the head. Drop one piece at the bottom every third strand you cross over. Continue this plaiting method to the back of the head and then continue in a normal plait down to the ends of the hair. Tie off with clear elastic band.

5. Repeat on the other side and tie the two ends together and the back.

6. Spray all over with a texturising spray to keep the curls big and bouncy.

We used: Unite Texturising Spray, £23.50

7. Get some fresh Baby’s Breath flowers and cut off into small pieces that can be popped into the plait and elastic band.

And just like that you're wedding ready! 

If you have your heart set on wearing your hair up; then give these boho twists and braids a go ... 


1. Part your hair on the side and section off the front left section down to your ear (this is the side with less hair).


2. To the right hand side of your parting take two small sections at the front. Twist the piece in your right hand clockwise towards the front of the face. Cross that over to the left, drop the piece of hair in your left hand and take the twisted piece. With the dropped piece (now underneath) take a section of hair from the front of the head to add to it; and twist all of that clockwise towards the head. And repeat. All the way around the head until you get to the parting at the left ear.

3.  Loosen the twist as you go and pull it out.

4. Tie off with an elastic band

5. Twist the front section of hair into the band and tie.

6. Section the ponytail into two and twist those to the end. Tie with an elastic band at the end of the hair.

7. Loosen the twist.

8. Pin the twisted ponytail into the braid with curby grips. You will need quite a few to secure the braid, especially with longer hair.

9. Get some fresh Babys Breath flowers and cut off into small pieces that can be popped into the braid as desired.

Enjoy and Good Luck! 

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