How To Do Pretty Festival Hair (That Smells Amazing Too)

How To Do Pretty Festival Hair (That Smells Amazing Too)

Forget grimey festival hair that your brush gets stuck in, this is the pretty party 'do that smells amazing too...

When we’re two days in to a festival all we want to do is wash our hair, but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen in the middle of a field and portaloos aren’t our style.

So when dry shampoo just isn’t cutting it we like to rock a milkmaid braid. It keeps your hair off your face and actually works better with dirty hair, which means less time fussing and more time for checking out the spoken word tent. If that’s’ your thing…

The best part? It looks super impressive, but it’s actually really easy. We’re almost tempted to award it the ‘Least Complicated Braid Ever’ prize.

The greasy scrape back and unintentional dreadlocks (yep, we know you’re not just exploring your inner rasta) are things of the past with our simple steps to pretty festival hair…

1. Split hair into two sections like you’re going to do pigtails.

2. Take your first section and start to create a regular plait.

TOP TIP: Instead of plaiting downwards like a pigtail, hold your hands above your head and plait upwards to avoid that annoying pouf when you fold your braid over your head.

3. Take your plait and fold it across the centre of your head. Pin in place and repeat with the other side.

4. Set the look with hairspray and voila!

Ok, so you’ve got your awesome braid but we know we promised it would smell amazing as well. This is how…

Before you start your plaits take a headscarf or ribbon and spritz it with your favourite perfume then weave it into your braid. We're currently obsessed with Marc Jacobs Daisy, surely the most summery scent ever? You can either use two or take one really long scarf and cut it in half. Not only will your hair smell amazing, but it’s a really easy way to bump up the thickness of your braid and add a pop of festival-ready colour.

Trust us, everyone you know will be asking where you got your hair done (in between telling you how good it smells, obvs).

We know what you’re thinking – why not just douse my hair in perfume, that’ll smell just as great, right?

Yes, technically it’ll smell equally as good but your hair won’t thank you for it. The alcohol that’s already in perfume is notorious for drying out luscious locks. Not good. So spritz your scarf instead and enjoy healthy hair that looks better than everyone else's at the Pyramid stage.

Check out InStyle's Beauty Assistant George Driver rocking the look in the vid below... (and for your chance to win two Marc Jacobs fragrances click here!)

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