HAIR TREND: Pump Up The Volume!

HAIR TREND: Pump Up The Volume!

The biggest and boldest hair trend of the season has us reaching for the hairspray a la Gwen and Cheryl...

A flurry of frizz flounced down the spring summer runways with crimped, curled and candyflossed locks taking a walk on the wilder side of the season. From the artsy curls created by Guido Palau for Sonia Rykiel to 70s model-inspired fluff for Marc Jacobs, bigger is definitely better when it comes to hair this season.


And it didn't take long for the A-list to start channelling the look with fashion-forward celebs all pumping up the volume on their spring 'dos.

Gwen Stefani hit Cannes 2011 with deliciously fizzed champagne curls, set off against a stunning fluro pink pout, meanwhile Cheryl Cole made her first US X Factor appearance with leonine locks.

Sarah Jessica Parker went for uber uplift on her roots - adding extra height to the hair, while Rihanna for her latest tour went for a super sleek crown contrasting against a wild ponytail of bubbling curls.

Not for the faint-hearted, there are plenty of toned-down ways to try the look for yourself:

- For extra natural volume try blow-drying hair upside down

- Section your hair and try a little back-combing of underneath areas. Brush over top sections and spritz with spray

- For bold waves try hot-stick curlers or heated rollers and then brush out.

- To get full-on frizzy fizz dust off your crimping irons and play with different effects

Make sure to prep hair fully before styling with a heat-protector.


Get the look with our handy video how-to - SEE LEFT!

By Tara Gardner



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