hair review - digital perm - curly hair

Digital Perm treatment in action

hair review - digital perm - curly hair

The finished result!

Forget about the bubble perms of our youth, this is a totally modern take; think beachy waves and bouncy curls a la Sienna Miller and Kate Middleton.
From poker straight hair to frizz-prone waves, this treatment can transform your mane into glamorous curls that are easy to maintain and last for approximately three months. The Digital Perm thermally reconditions your locks as it curls them so your hair actually comes out in better condition than when you went in.
The good news is you can ditch your tongs once and for all and forget the hours spent torturing hair into submission - all you have to do is roll your hair up around your fingers and leave to dry or use a diffuser depending on the look you are after. Perfect for the party season!
Check out our InStyler in action. While it may look a little scary, the treatment was not unpleasant - just make sure you have a good book with you as it can take up to three hours. Stylist Christian took us through the process before we started and gave recommendations as to how to get the best out of our curls once left to our own devices.
While most hair types can benefit from the treatment, the thicker the hair, the better the results. Your technician will be able to advise you as to suitability and likely outcome.

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The details: The Digital Perm starts from £200, for more details on our treatment go to also available at