Hair how-to: The halo braid

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Learn how to create a stunning halo braid with our hair how-to video…

Halo braids continue to rule the celebrity hair charts with everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Cat Deeley and Florence Welch sporting the pretty plaited hairstyle on the red carpet!


We're huge fans of the halo hairstyle here at InStyle, but not many of us have mastered how to create the look at home. Luckily we've teamed up with Charles Worthington Art Team Director, Marc Trinder, to show you how to recreate this stunning hairstyle in just a few minutes. Once you've nailed it, you'll become the ultimate braid queen and will wear it again and again!


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To book your Catwalk Master Class with Marc Trinder at 7 Percy Street, London W1T 1DH, call 020 7631 1370. Prices start at £47

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