GHD hairstyler in pink

GHD hairstyler in pink


What girl can live without her fave GHDs? Certainly not any of us in the InStyle office... Even if there's no room for other travel-essentials in our bag, the GHDs will always be by our side, so we were literally squealing with delight when we spotted these baby pink beauties.

GHD have teamed up with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to recreate their iconic hair styler in a funky new colour with a retro twist, and we're loving the super-cute 40s inspired shade which they've chosen!

As well as the colour change, this styler also has a new rounder barrel, making it easier to add curls, flicks or waves to your hair, so you need never have a hair out of place ever again!

Plus, when you buy the stylish new styler you get a whole matching pink set of stylish accessories, with a tote bag, carrier box and a cute pink hairbrush! A whole new set of hair products in a great colour, AND you're giving to charity at the same time? Sounds like a great plan to us!

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By Camilla Swift