Get the A-List summer hair makeover!

Get the A-List summer hair makeover!

Rihanna and Halle Berry spark a trend for stripy highlights.

The sunshine's out (well almost) and it's time to give your hair and beauty regime a summer makeover. And there's no quicker way to pep up a tired look than with some carefully placed colour.

Rihanna recently went for bright blonde streaks in her jet-black hair. Sibi Bolan, head colourist at Daniel Hersheson recommends using clip-ins to get this look "I wouldn't advise someone with hair this dark to go for such a contrast in colour as it will end up damaging the hair. Buy the lightest colour clip-in (pure blonde) and cut the 6 clip-in strips into individual extensions."

Halle's look is slightly less dramatic but no less effective. Amie Wilson of Daniel Hersheson comments "It's great to see bands of colour enhancing the hair's texture. In credit crunch times people may not be able to afford high fashion clothes so using bold bands of colour in the hair is a great way to get an individually tailored look."

Blonde Clip-in hair extensions from Daniel Hersheson, £22 a packet call 020 8743 0868 for stockists.


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