Want Zero Effort Festival Hair? Here's How The Cool Girls Do It

Want Zero Effort Festival Hair? Here's How The Cool Girls Do It
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Chanel Iman's Coloured Braids
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The best celebrity styles for festival hair ideas and inspiration, and tips for keeping it in check for the duration...

Festival hair faces two challenges. There is, of course, the fact that most festival hair looks - think boho plaits and hippy flower crowns - have been done to death and breathing life into them is a little tricky. There's also the practical element, namely how on earth to keep hair looking good over the course of a long weekend without showers or straighteners. 

It's a pickle, but one we think we've solved by looking to celebs, who know how to work a strong look and embrace festival hair with gusto. This year, they're doing braids. Many, many braids. But don't think we're talking about boring braids that just snake their way down a back limply. We're talking double braids (one either side of the head, either left to their own devices south of the hairband or coiled up into buns resembling Princess Leia's famous 'do). We're talking braided ponytails and tiny parting braids. But most of all, we're talking coloured and glittery braids galore.

And this is where you can win with festival hair - if you don't like braids, or your hair's too short to tie up, just get heavily involved in colour and glitter. (Note: glitter works enormously well brushed onto cheekbones or across eyelids at festivals, too - here's our guide to glitter make-up.) Try a pink colour wash a la Mollie King for a take on the hottest colour of the season, or add a pop of dazzling glitter like Poppy Delevingne. The extra bonus of both colour and glitter? They disguise a multitude of hair sins from greasiness to frizz. WIN.

Whichever you opt for, make sure you fling some dry shampoo, plenty of hairspray, and - if a shower is going to be elusive throughout your weekend - a perfumed hair mist like Jo Malone Star Magnolia Hair Mist in your bag.

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