Elizabeth Banks goes vintage

Elizabeth Banks goes vintage

Vintage hair is a hot trend right now, one that actress and Cannes jury member Elizabeth Banks is working on the red carpet big time.

We're only two days into the film fest and already we've seen Banks walk the red carpet wearing two completely different takes on the trend. Wednesday saw her sporting a curled Marilyn Monroe-style bob, all side-parted and bouncy volume; it was a chirpy accompaniment to her lipstick-red Armani Privé gown. A mere 24 hours later and Elizabeth glided up the Croisette wearing a shimmering sequinned dress topped off with sleek Veronica Lake waves. It was a far more sultry look and one that harked back to the 40s rather than the bold 50s look from the previous day. This is one lady who knows the impact of a good set of hair extensions!

By Pat McNulty

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