How To Get Hair Like Kim Kardashian: 3 Easy Looks You Can ACTUALLY Do At Home

How To Get Hair Like Kim Kardashian: 3 Easy Looks You Can ACTUALLY Do At Home

Jen Atkin is the go-to hairstylist for some of the most famous locks in the business, and now she’s spilling her everyday secrets. Read on for three hair tutorials you can definitely do at home

Celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin is the woman behind the glossy locks of the Kardashian clan, working her magic on Khloe’s changing hair colour, Kourtney’s sleek styles and Kim’s new lob.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Atkin says she’s most like Kendall when it comes to her haircare, calling her routine low-maintenance: “I love styles that save time and still look super chic”. And if quick and easy styles are what you’re looking for, you’re in luck – Jen spilled three hair how-tos that you can totally recreate at home – we promise.

Glossy Locks
First off, the basics. If you’re after glossy, nourished hair that looks strong and healthy, Jen revealed how you can get the look while you’re working out.

1. You’ll need; hair ties, hair pins and a deep conditioner or coconut oil. The stuff you can eat is the best thing to use on your hair, so raw coconut oil (like this Vita Coco Coconut Oil) is great. If you want something that’s easier to use on the go, try this OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Oil
2. Don’t forget to pack your products in your gym bag. We pretty much always forget our toiletry bag as we’re racing out the door, so either pack your kit the night before or leave it by the front door so you won’t forget.
3. In the changing room, run the deep conditioner or coconut oil through the lengths of your hair, concentrating on the ends.
4. Braid your hair into a low plait, or pin it into a slicked-back bun.
5. Get sweaty! The steamier your workout, the more the oils will soak into your hair. A sauna or steam room afterwards will also boost the nourishment.
6. Wash your hair as normal and style your super-soft locks.

Everyday Waves
For short to mid-length hair, these beachy waves are effortless and super easy to do.

1. You’ll need; beak clips (the silver ones your hairdresser uses), hairdryer and curling iron, salt spray (Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray can’t be beaten)
2. Wash and comb your hair as normal
3. Spritz a sea salt spray through the lengths of your hair.
4. Twist your hair into a rope, and pin up in a Jennifer Aniston-style chignon (you know the look, Friends circa 1999), securing with beak clips. This will help the waves form.
5. Carry on with your normal morning routine (breakfast, e-mails, finishing last night’s Netflix marathon…)
6. If you can’t resist, run a hairdryer over your pinned hair to dry it off a bit, but leave it slightly damp
7. Take out the clips and scrunch your still-damp hair for Jen’s “perfect beach wave”
8. If you have time, use a curling tong to curl a couple of pieces around your face – think loose and beachy, not tight and bridesmaid. 

And if you’ve got longer locks, here’s a style you can do anywhere. Her suggestion is on a plane (private, we’re assuming), but this would work on any long journey.

1. You’ll need; kirby grips
2. Split your hair into two sections down the middle
3. Gather one section and make a low braid behind your ear. Do the same on the other side
4. Twist the braids away from your face, and use kirby grips to pin them into low Princess Leia-style buns. Leave the ends poking out from the bun rather than tucking them in
5. When you land (or arrive…), unplait and voila! Gorgeous loose waves worthy of First Class.

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