Copy Angelina Jolie's hair

Copy Angelina Jolie's hair

Angelina Jolie heated up the Inglourious Basterds premiere with a messy bed-head hairstyle and we've spoken to the stylist who created it...


David Babaii, hairstylist to Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler and Stella McCartney, was the man behind Angelina Jolie’s sexy, tousled hairstyle (to go with her LLBD – little leather black dress) at the Inglourious Basterds premiere.

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To begin, he applied the David Babaii Hair Polish all over her hair followed by his Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier to boost volume and shine. Next, he dried her hair with a round bristle brush to ensure the finish was super-shiny, smooth and worthy of hanging off Brad Pitt’s arm. 

Once dried, he took large sections of her hair and wrapped each section around a round brush for an additional blast of hot air for 10 seconds. A sudden blast of cool air was then applied (by hitting the hairdryer’s cool button) to set the style and shape of the waves. A light spritzing of styling spray and she was ready to walk the red-carpet

As we reported in our September issue – out NOW - the David Babaii product line will be hitting our shores very soon. Now you have even more of a reason to stock up! 

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By Alice Ripman


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