CELEB HAIR: Bye bye dip-dye, Alexa Chung goes for all-over colour!

CELEB HAIR: Bye bye dip-dye, Alexa Chung goes for all-over colour!

Gone are the dip-dyed locks of last season, and in are lustrous block colour tresses for hair trendsetter Alexa Chung...

Just when we thought dip-dyed hair might be here to stay, champion of the look Alexa Chung makes a radical move in the colour department and replaces the two-tone look for block colour instead.


With SJP, Drew Barrymore and Alexa all working that fabulous dip-dyed look last year, those of us who were growing out our colour breathed a huge sigh of relief - finally we could show off our roots, and still look good!

But now it seems Alexa has gone for the chop and replaced the grown-out dye with a more grown-up look. Opting for a rich, all-over chocolate hue, the warmth of the shade compliments Alexa's radiant skintone, making the green of her eyes really pop.

Alexa clearly wasn't ready for a hairstyle overhaul though, as she's kept her trademark tousled bob length and centre-parted style.

If you're thinking of a colour change, colour expert and Schwarzkopf Ambassador Rae Palmer has her top tips: “It’s best to leave any colour removal to a professional - it's definitely not one to try at home! A special colour removal product is applied, which acts like a colour detox or exfoliator for colour, then afterwards a new colour can be applied all over. The new colour may need a top coat service: this is where you have two layers of the colour applied after the detox  to ensure the colour won't fade. Be sure to maintain the condition of your hair and use a protein and moisture conditioning treatment at home to give gloss and shine to the new colour.”


And with block colour being a big look on the SS11 runways, it's a great time to hit the hairdresser and try a different shade for spring!

By Tara Gardner

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