Britney goes blonde

Britney goes blonde

The pop star has hit the bottle and gone back to blonde.

Barely a month ago Britney Spears underwent a hair makeover as she dyed her locks to a rich chocolate brown  colour. But it seems old Britters has decided to go back to the look of her Oops I did it again days with a full head of platinum blonde hair complete with volume-enhancing extensions. Maybe she's taken a leaf out of Lindsay Lohan's hair styling book? Last week Lilo also ditched darker barnet for a bright blonde head of hair. (check out her hair makover!) According to reports, Britney's transformation from dark to light took no less than nine hours to complete.

Britney chose a night out at a the Grand Star Jazz Club in LA to unveil her new look. Clad in a body-con black dress, the popster was ready to party! Welcome back, blonde Britney....

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By Pat McNulty


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