Blow-Dry Tribes: Which Style Set Do You Belong To?

Blow-Dry Tribes: Which Style Set Do You Belong To?

Because who doesn't love a blow dry? We asked superstylist and darling of the A-List, Mr Adam Reed, to talk us through the four looks

The Va Va Voom

The look: Big bouncy waves  (essentially the Kate Upton of blow-dries)
The tribe: Elle Macpherson, Lana Del Rey, Eva Mendes,
How: “This look has varied over the years but it never stops being glamorous and sexy,” says Adam. “Key, is healthy hair so incorporate a mask and treatment oil into your haircare regime. To get the look start by mixing a volumising mousse with an oil and comb through towel-dried hair. This combination will ensure a full, glossy blow dry. Next, blow-dry the hair section by section (the GHD Aura hairdryer is great for this as it smoothes and cools the cuticle to help set the hair.) Speaking of tools.. it’s important to choose right brush size to inject volume and movement – the trick is to always use a size bigger than you would think! Finally, Hairspray is essential for voluminous hair in order to keep it in place but choose your products wisely as the end result should look soft and bouncy rather than crispy and set.”
Key product: Percy & Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse, £12.


The sleek and chic

The look: Straight, shiny and swishy (like a thoroughbred’s tail).
The tribe: Lily Collins, Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson
How: “Start by dividing the back panel of the hair into 2 sections using a tail comb,” says Adam. “To protect the hair, spritz from root to tip with a heat protection spray before blowdrying section by section (starting at the back) keeping the hair taught and the nozzle pointed downwards. For a super-straight mirror-like finish, run straightening irons over the hair in one continuous motion from root to tip, never letting the irons hold onto the hair, and finish with a drop of serum or hair polish.”
Key product: Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection Spray, £18.85


The beachy head

The look: Effortlessly cool – it’s a blow-dry but not so you’d know it.
The tribe: Giselle, Lily Aldridge, Alexa Chung
How: “Start by prepping the hair with a blow dry spray to add texture and shine before roughly drying the hair.” Says Adam. “Next, spray large sections of hair with hairspray before lightly tonging random sections. Spritz with dry conditioner to add texture before finishing with a couple of drops of oil through the ends of the hair. To achieve more volume at the roots, a salon secret is to tip your head upside down and rough dry your hair until it’s 80-90% dry, then tip head upright to finish drying.”
Key product: Percy & Reed No Fuss Flawlessness Dry Conditioner, £12


The Chelsea classic

The look: Perfectly polished (it’s all about the K-Middy school of perfection)
The tribe: Amanda Seyfried, Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo
How: “This classic blowdry – smooth with a gentle wave at the bottom – is hard to beat,” says Adam. “Start by applying my Volumising No Oil Oil (£14) to damp hair at the roots before spraying a golf ball-sized amount of volumising mousse directly onto a comb and pulling through the hair from roots to ends. To add extra volume, section and pin the hair adding a spritz of hairspray underneath as you dry to secure the shape. (Always start at the back of the head and work your way round).
To finish, use straightening irons to lightly smooth over the surface of the hair twisting the ends to add a soft curl before spritzing a fine mist of hairspray to hold.”
Key product: Schwarzkopf got2b Rise ‘n Shine Hairspray, £4.07

By Cassie Steer

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