Fearne Cotton On Wearing Wigs, Wedding Hair And Why Dolly Parton Is Her Ultimate #HairGoal

Beauty Writer George Driver caught up with the darling of Saturday night TV and everyone's blonde lob inspo, Fearne Cotton to talk wearing wigs, wedding hair and why she'll always be a blonde...


And sans wig. Today with @garnieruk

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We'll be honest, we love the Fearne Cotton lob…

'Oh god it wasn't always good! I think when I got the bob people probably noticed my hair more because I went from having such long hair to short hair, but I'm trying to grow it again now. Although, inevitable I'll end up cutting it all off just when it gets really long and nice! But I do like a Lob. It's sort of the chicken's way of doing a bob.'


What about being blonde? It's sort of your signature…

'When I was younger I had bright red hair, black hair, I went through all the colours which is what you do when you're still working out what your signature thing is. I think from all that experimentation I definitely learnt the hard way that blonde is much more suited to my skin tone and now I'm older I just prefer feeling comfortable and blonde is a very comfortable colour for me.

I mean, at Christmas I might go pink for a few weeks to have something more exciting but I just love being blonde. When I was a kid I was super blonde so it just works.'


Now Kylie Jenner's wearing wigs it's kind of become a thing, would you ever get wiggy with it?

'I love wigs! Wigs are fantastic. It's a great way of testing out if a colour's gonna work for you because it's a big move changing your hair colour or style so wearing a wig is such a fun way of trying it out. You always feel like a different person when you put a wig on, don't you? I quite like that. It's like, I can be a different version of me and do naughty things I wouldn't normally do!'


Your best wig moment?

'Oh loads! I love wearing them for fancy dress or for sketches at work. I've got one wig at home which is actually a really great quality red shoulder length one. I think my wig reference will always be Dolly Parton because she's the queen of wigs and no one can top Dolly. The bigger, the higher, the better - they're the best ones. I wasn't sure whether Taylor Swift's new bob was a wig but I real like it, bleach blonde and choppy.'


Tonight's plait for the BAFTA's.

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Back to your real hair, did you find it changed when you were pregnant?

'Oh yeah. I mean I've got a lot of hair anyway but my hair was massive then when I stopped breastfeeding it all fell out around my hairline. It 100% happens as soon as you stop breastfeeding. Then you start growing this annoying baby hair like a sort of mini fringe. I'm lucky because my hair grows really quickly so it wasn't too bad but I still took post-natal supplements for nails and hair vigilantly.'


Your wedding looked pretty amazing, tell us about THAT hairband…

'I wanted my hair to look quite natural and tousled, I've never been an updo person so having it up to get married didn't feel quite right. I didn't have a veil, instead my stylist found this amazing piece of vintage beading and she wrapped it round a hairband which looked so nice. It was loads and loads of little crystals wrapped in net so they looked sort of like diamonds. It's so beautiful I've got it in a special box at home. That with my messy hair felt really fantasy.'


Bed head for today's shoot

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If you could swap hair with another celeb for a day, who's would it be?

'If I was brave enough I'd go for Tilda Swinton and have a massive blonde quiff. I'd love to see what it felt like for the day. And then obviously Kate Middleton who's hair sort of bounces without her moving. I don't understand how that works! I'm honestly fixated by her hair, I don't know how she does it!'

Quickfire Qs

1. Last person you followed on Instagram?


2. The last meal you ate?

'My version of a roast dinner - chicken with pearl barley, halloumi and beetroot and massive sharing plates of veg.'


🙃 so full

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3. Last beauty product you bought?

'A Charlotte Tilbury beachy stick thing for my cheeks.'

4. Last item of clothing you bought?

'A red Bella Freud 1970 jumper.'


Bike ride to work+sunshine+Bella=joy

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5. Last song you listened to?

'Probably Bob Marley - when I bath my kids at night we have reggae bath time. It was Bowie bath time for a while but now we're back to Bob.'

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