Proof Rose Gold Hair Isn’t Just For Blondes (Or Mermaids)

Proof Rose Gold Hair Isn’t Just For Blondes (Or Mermaids)

Rosé every day hair is here.

We’ve had a bunch of hair looks take over our Instagram and Pinterest boards recently (let's talk balayage, dip dye, pastel and rainbow hair to start) but the hands down coolest trend to have hit the hair world of late has got to be rose gold hair (heck, it’s maybe the prettiest thing to have hit the Instagram world. Period.) and you know that’s a bold statement.

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It’s the total hair of our dreams... I mean, imagine your hair now but add rose metallic hues that shimmer in the light with an iridescent, ethereal effect as your hair tumbles around you in slow motion. It’s just so pretty, OK. I mean, add a tail and what do you have? A mermaid. Exactly.


Looking past the mesmerising allure of the hair in visual terms, rose gold hair, quite frankly, makes you instantly cooler (yet still employable). You can channel sass but not have to be overtly brave in the make-over department (the 'I’m-not-shaving-my-head-a-la-Cara-or-Katy-anytime-soon-but-this-I’ll-do' kind of brave). Plus, the ‘do is total Insta bait... 

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The only problem was that when the look first came about brunettes feared they’d look more 2007 Avril Lavigne than beautiful mermaid like the blondies. Turns out the brunettes are total mermaids in their own right and all the evidence is on Instagram…

So, whatever your hair colour or hair type, and whether you’re into softer, natural tones or amped up bold bursts of colour, here’s all the most photogenic looks to convince you to go rose gold, because sometimes rose gold nails, accessories, make-up, and interiors are just not enough for that rose gold life. Plus you can take your favourite look in to see your stylist, like, this afternoon? 

1. The rose gold tones can really pop on darker roots. The trick is in mastering a smooth transition from dark roots to glossy rose and metallic shades at the tips. To achieve this effect a hair painting or balayage technique is often applied for a ‘natural’ look.

2. If you’re opting for fewer tones and often wear your hair straight, mastering the correct ombre effect is everything. To achieve this, a veining technique can be used to control the thickness of the highlights from thin at the roots to thicker as they progress, essentially achieving a subtle feathered effect.

3. With blonde hair, always remember you want rose gold not milky pink, and so subtlety really is your friend. Opt for a variation of rose hues and fade in and out of intensity for a natural look that catches the light.

4. For a subtle look, opt for delicate highlights that carry through to the tips. Avoid an all over colour at the ends, and stick to a more ‘natural’ rose tone to make the contrast seamless and subtle while maintaining that edgy pop. Style your hair in waves for added dimension that’s made to be flicked.

5. Go bold with an all over rose colour for full mermaid points. Remember, healthy hair is naturally shiny and as an effect enhances the ‘gold’ quality of the hair. Plus it will ensure your colour lasts longer. Treat with a deep conditioning hair mask weekly for maximum mermaid potential.

6. The rose gold colour is easier to apply to blonde hair and it's also easier for the colour to over-power. To achieve a subtle look, a low intensity tint will wash you hair with a flush of rose gold that will only be noticeable to certain glimmering lights. Perfect for those less committed to a radical change.

7. If you’re feeling brave, go for a full intensity look with dark roots that bleed into full coverage rose gold ends. This look ideally suits those with dark eyes and a yellowish tone skin but remember, there are endless variants of rose gold, one to suit all features and skin types.

R O S E 🌷 G O L D

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8. For the ultimate statement that still looks seamless and somehow natural, opt for interchanging rose gold highlights that offer both orange and pink undertones. The effect is a ‘salmon sushi’ colour that elevates and enhances the multi-dimensional effect of this washed rainbow look.

9. To turn heads, take the colour right up to the roots and create the ‘rose head’ look. Subtle variations in colour are what make this look stand out… Play with a range of tones and glosses, keeping the colour strong through the entire length of the hair.

10. For a silver-infused rose gold look, apply the rose gold to white blonde hair, whether ombre or all over. Play with light pink tones as opposed to red pink tones and sew light, golden blonde highlights throughout. This look is killer when styled in a braid to really showcase those iridescent shades and tones.

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