This Is How A-List Hairdresser Luke Hersheson Thinks Your Hair Should Look RN

This Is How A-List Hairdresser Luke Hersheson Thinks Your Hair Should Look RN

Our expert columnist Luke Hersheson’s clientele have the kind of hair that set trends - and that you show your hairdresser in a bid for similar. From Victoria Beckham to Sienna Miller, his clients don’t just trust him to give him a great cut, but also to give him the cut that looks perfect in the moment. Who better then to fill us in on how to update hair for winter with a few clever tweaks… 

My hair’s a bit meh and I’m keen to change it up a bit - but don’t want anything too drastic. Can you tell me which colour is popular right now?

Luke Hersheson: "I don’t believe there is a colour that is popular per se – it’s more about deciding if you are a blonde or a brunette and then getting the right shade for you.  

Changing from one to another is a tricky journey that can be hard on your hair, so I’d suggest going for the most easy hue - unless you are doing something so bold that it should look really obvious, like a pastel or a black all over. Look to Olivia Palermo, Sienna Miller, and Gigi Hadid for colour inspiration - they all rock great believable shades."

I’ve had a midi cut that I’m falling a bit out of love with. Can you suggest an update?

Luke Hersheson: "I think it’s refreshing to go shorter from time to time when you have a midi cut. I recently cut Victoria Beckham’s hair shorter and although she was initially hesitant, she loves it now.  It’s always worth remembering that hair grows back - and that during the winter we wear big jumpers and coats with roll necks and scarves, so the hair sits on top of the clothes and looks really stylish.  Make sure you invest in a good hairdresser and also ask them to show you how to style it yourself – but you don’t need to do much with shorter hair!  Add some Salt spray (I like John Frieda Blonde Sea Waves, Sea Salt Spray, £6.99) and roughly tong the ends (I always use Hershesons Tourmaline Professional Curling Tong, £98), then you're good to go.  Also, remember that a varied parting adds options to how your wear the style so have a play around."

My tonging process has always been the same - I just twist every piece of hair to add movement. Can you suggest how I should be styling my hair to refresh it a bit?

Luke Hersheson: "I’ve gone through a stage of not using tongs at all this year and instead straighteners, to create effortless flat iron waves which we’ve named ‘the Flave’ . I prefer this as you don’t look like you’ve stepped out of a salon with ‘perfect’ hair.  It’s super easy too – simply take a random section of hair and create an ‘S’ shape with, then tap the straighteners on top, Hershesons Titanium Ionic Professional Hair Straighteners, £98, are great to use as they heat up in seconds and don’t damage the hair thanks to the ionic plates.  I’ve recently been using Sam McKnight’s Cool Girl Texturising Spray, £25, which is great as it holds the style all day, creating an ‘un-done’ effect to this look."

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