Want Tousled Hair Without Using Tongs? Here's How... 

Want Tousled Hair Without Using Tongs? Here's How... 
Gisele Wavy Hair

Hair trends come and go, but tousled, beachy waves remain an eternal classic for good reason - nothing is as face-flattering as easy breezy waves. But those waves tell a lie: they may look like bouncy, healthy hair a la Gisele, but the reality is that curling tongs are hugely damaging to hair strands. Throw in a dose of balayage to those daily waves and you’ll have yourself some pretty damaged locks.

Now nail your waves by finding the perfect salt spray for your hair – this quiz matches you to the best in seconds

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you abandon your hair to the hinterland that is air drying without even a whisper of help. Instead, we’ve devised a way to get wavy hair without all the damage thanks to clever products that are designed to wick away water, smart techniques that’ll create a curl, and the latest technology that will ensure your hair isn’t subjected to torturous heat. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Moisture-Absorbing Towels. 

The instruction to ‘towel dry hair’ is one of the worst beauty dictums we’ve come across - rubbing at hair with a towel will only damage the hair cuticle, create knots, and potentially weaken and stretch strands. Instead, opt for a towel like the super-absorbent Acquis one we’re using and wrap it around your hair (don’t rub!), then leave it to absorb as much water as possible while you brush your teeth, wash your face, read a mag…

2. Spritz Away. 

We’ve used two sprays that do very different things: 

- A spray to cut down drying time by repelling excess water from the strands. We’ve used Color Wow Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray because it doesn’t contain any alcohol so won’t cause too much damage.

- A salt spray to eke out as much natural texture as possible. We’ve used Bed Head Totally Beachin’ Queen Beach Salt-Infused Texture Spray that contains mineral-rich Balinese sea salt and marine algae extract to stop hair from drying out.

3. Get Your Clips On. 

This is the bit where you add the curl. Two things to note before you get started: 1) the tighter you twist, the tighter the curl; 2) The more you section your hair up, the more curls you’ll have. The technique is easy - just start at the fronts, twisting away from your face, lift the curl up, and pin. We’re using our favourite Hershesons Mini Clips to hold ours, making sure to leave an inch at the end so that we don’t end up with ringlets.

4. Air Dry and Add Texture. 

Once your hair’s dried, just take out the clips, ruffle your hair (don’t brush - it’ll encourage the hair to drop), then spritz in a texturising spray. We’re using VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texture Spray


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