Have You Heard About Personalised Tangle Teezers Yet?

Have You Heard About Personalised Tangle Teezers Yet?
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No other hairbrush compares to the Tangle Teezer. It’s the trusty tool everyone turns to for tangle-free hair, with celeb devotees Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne and Victoria Beckham all declaring their love for the award-winning brand.

If, like us, you’re a Tangle Teezer addict, you’ll be excited to hear there are two brand new customisation services available exclusively at tangleteezer.com. First, let's talk about the personalisation tool that lets you upload your own pictures to the Compact Styler hairbrush, £20.

Following collabs with designers Lulu Guinness and Markus Lupfer, now is your chance to turn designer with the Compact Styler. This on-the-go hairbrush uses Tangle Teezer’s innovative two-tiered teeth system to detangle, smooth and shine wherever you are.

Choose your favourite Insta-snap, a cute pic of your four-legged friend, or a #TBT photo that’ll bring back memories of an amazing trip. Then upload it using the Tangle Teezer Personalisation tool – it’s so easy to do and you can add filters and text, too. Go and create a real one-off!

Option two is to Mix & Match your favourite colours to create your very own detangling hairbrush, The Original, £11. Simply choose the colour of the teeth and bases to create a complete original that’s suited to you. Our advice? Be bold and clash colours like crazy.

Whether you’re tickled by pink or bedazzled by blue, tangleteezer.com has your colour crushes covered with 60 possible combinations to choose from. What will yours be?

The Personalisation and Mix & Match customisation tools are available exclusively at tangleteezer.com

Search the handle #MyTangleTeezer for more inspo.


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