Sam McKnight's New Hair Range Is Literally Kate Moss' Hair In A Can 

Sam McKnight's New Hair Range Is Literally Kate Moss' Hair In A Can 

The legendary hair stylist Sam McKnight (the man behing the tousled the locks of everyone from Kate Moss to Princess Diana), has launched his first ever hair styling range. InStyle's Beauty Editor gave them a whirl. 

There is a photo of Kate Moss I had pinned up in my bedroom at school. In it, she is sitting looking directly into the camera lens, oodles of bronzed skin on display, eyes defined with Tilbury’s signature kohl flick and copper halo, honeyed hair falling in tousles around her face. This to me was quintessential Moss; tough, beautiful, bit unkempt.

I wanted desperately to emulate the whole made up - but not princess-y - vibe, and spent the ensuing years learning how to do a stellar job of make-up while studiously ignoring my hair in the hope that in so doing it would naturally assume that insouciant edge. 

Only it, of course, didn’t. It just looked messy. So thank the hair Gods for Sam McKnight, engineer of the signature Moss mussed up hair and general hair hero, who has just released a can of texturising mist inspired by Kate. ‘Cool Girl’ (yes, Sam clearly understands the unique appeal of having hair that’s artfully messy) is described by sam as a ‘lightweight texturising spray for mussed-up, deconstructed texture.’ Basically: Kate Moss hair in a can.

I took it for trial runs over the weekend and my McKnighted hair received a rapturous reception, with friends asking whether I’d been at the tongs (I hadn’t, I’d just twisted my hair, let it dry, and then gone in hard with Cool Girl), and, when they found out what I’d used, asking if they could have my precious can (to which I, naturally, said no). 

They - and you - are in luck, though - Cool Girl, £25, along with three other dry styling products, have just hit the counters at Liberty London. And if you’re looking for more hairspiration, get your hands on Hair by Sam McKnight - it is a tome teeming with brilliant ‘dos. 

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