This Dry Shampoo By The Kardashians' Stylist Will Seriously Up Your Hair Game

This Dry Shampoo By The Kardashians' Stylist Will Seriously Up Your Hair Game
ouai dry shampoo foam

In case you haven't spotted this cult new product on Instagram yet here's everything you need to know. 

Dry shampoo is now an essential part of the busy woman’s beauty arsenal, with bottles of it flying off the shelves at Boots for good reason: a spritz of the stuff lifts flat roots, makes grease disappear and adds grit and texture to freshly-washed hair.

On the flip side, most of them leave a touch of white residue on darker hair (even when you’ve brushed it through properly), and the powder doesn’t exactly make for the most appealing of finishes. Step in celebrity hairdresser and the woman behind Khloe Kardarshian's lob Jen Atkin. Who with her sizzling hot brand Ouai has created a Dry Shampoo Foam - and a bit of an internet phenomenon along the way - that totally changes the dry shampoo game. 

ouai dry shampoo foam

First, it does the usual dry shampoo thing, absorbing grease and making hair look bouncy and clean once more. Second, it hydrates and conditions, helping hair to look soft and lustrous rather than dry and a tinge grey. Finally, it also acts as a sneaky little hair perfume, scenting strands with a floral fragrance that’s a blend of lemon, rose, blackberry and sandalwood. YES to that. 

Here's our review of Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam by our Acting Beauty Editor, Madeleine Spencer:

"I have to say I had my doubts about this one - foam in my hair has always resulted in a huge mess and experiments with anyone foam-based as a teen always resulted in my having to wash my hair over the sink before starting to style all over again. Once I'd overcome that hurdle and went for it, I loved this new format of dry shampoo, and was especially pleased to find it left no grey residue in my dark brown roots. My favourite thing about this one has to be the fact that it feels like there's nothing in your hair once it's dried. I'm a convert!"

Here's how to use it:

First, start by shaking the can to make sure the foam comes out evenly, and squeeze a palmful of foam directly onto the scalp.

Next, massage in the foam, sectioning up hair to distribute it evenly. Pay attention to key greasy parts around the forehead and ears, and underneath the hair. 


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