No More Split Ends, Ever. Are Thermal Scissors The Answer? 

No More Split Ends, Ever. Are Thermal Scissors The Answer? 
Paul Krokos

Years of bleach have taken their toll on our digital editor’s hair, but has she found the ultimate split end solution?

I’ve been having highlights in my hair for over a decade (before I made the switch to Balayage - thank you, hair gods, for that genius development). And the toll it’s taken is obvious: an ever-present halo of frizz, dry ends and so, so many tangles. 

Enter thermal scissors. The idea is the heat stimulates the Keratin in your hair to seal the ends as they’re snipped, keeping in all the essential oils and moisture - and, crucially, getting rid of split ends. It’s also claimed thermal scissors help to protect against environmental damage, prevent split ends, boost growth and give tresses a lovely shine. 

Sounds great, right? I headed down to Urban Retreat at Harrods in London where stylist Josh Rees Hole has just started offering the Thermal Cut & Blow Dry. 

What exactly are thermal scissors? 

Put simply, they’re hot scissors. They go up to 170 degrees but you won’t feel or hear a thing. Thankfully there’s no dramatic hiss or crackle as they slice through your wet hair. 

How long does it take?

The same amount of time as your normal hair cut. But, Josh, being the perfectionist that he is, cuts the hair in two ways: he does the usual trimming of the ends and then meticulously goes through the hair section-by-section, snipping off fly-aways from top to bottom. 

Suzannah Ramsdale

Which type of hair are thermal scissors best for?

They work on all hair, but are especially good for thickening up fine hair. 

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How much does the cut cost? 

It ain’t cheap. The Thermal Cut & Blow-Dry will set you back £300. Worth it as a special treat after a summer of sun or a party season of furious straightening and blow drying. 

Suzannah Ramsdale

So did it actually work? 

Six weeks on and my hair still feels fresh. My ends are thick, healthy and split-free. My hair, which has always been a knotty mess (hairdressers have been known to make me comb my own hair post-wash because it’s such a mammoth task), feels sleek, smooth and tangle-free. I won’t fork out for a thermal cut every time but once, or twice a year, when my split ends are out of control and brush bristles are snapping as I comb, I’ll head to Josh for a hot cut. 

More details at Urban Retreat

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